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All of Whine and Space

Apr 15, 2017

@ChrisSykes108 @billowl


After the longest of long breaks, TV’s Doctor Who is finally returning to our screens for a full series - and gosh golly does it feel good! Of course, this isn’t just any new series of TV’s Doctor Who. On the contrary, we’re seeing both fresh starts and inevitable conclusions, as in addition to introducing a brand new companion (in the shape of Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts) we’re also beginning our long goodbyes to both Peter Capaldi’s wonderful Twelfth Doctor and Steven Moffat’s quality rollercoaster approach to showrunning.
But placing aside these departures, how do we feel about ‘The Pilot’ itself? Does it reintroduce us back in into the world of the Doctor successfully? Does it satisfy devotees as well as new arrivals? Most importantly, just how wild and untamed is Peter Capaldi’s hair?
Find out the answer to all these questions - as we review ‘The Pilot’!

Listeners, please be aware that, due to equipment failure, the audio of the podcast becomes much quieter at the 57 minute mark. Our sincere apologies for any impact this has on your enjoyment.