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All of Whine and Space

Jan 28, 2020

Well, that was…different. That was not Vintage Chernobyly. That was more Cheeky Chibbers. Take a pinch of RTD, throw in a serving of Moffat, a few Doctors, an intergalactic sex machine and a judoon platoon arriving not a moment too soon - and baby, you’ve got yourself a stew goin’

Jan 20, 2020


It’s a curious thing. Makes one man weep, makes another man poop himself. But what does it do in the case of Nikola Tesla’s case? Does it make him rise to greater things? To search for the hero inside himself? Resolve to poison his long-term rival and lover Thomas Edison?

There’s only one way to find out...

Jan 14, 2020


We all enjoy them, and no-one enjoys them more than the characters of Doctor Who, because they usually involve a load of people dying and, if they’re lucky, probably a conspiracy or two. This particular holiday features all of the above - alongside a selfish octogenarian, a young lady with serious...

Jan 10, 2020

Gallifrey rises! And falls. And Rises! And…falls?

Ah, that Gallifrey, so frequently rising and falling, much like our degree of investment in the Chris Chernobly era of Doctor Who. But it’s not just rising and falling going on in this episode, oh no, it’s *all* cracking off. *All* the events! There’s a...

Jan 5, 2020

They’re back! The loose group of cut-outs that we reluctantly refer to as a ‘fam’ have returned to our television sets ready to answer to question of whether Chris Chernobyly’s year off has resulted in learning the lessons from Our Jodie’s first series.

On that front, only time will tell, but in the meantime,...