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All of Whine and Space

Jan 26, 2019

Is the third time the charm?

Find out, as WHINE+SPACE’s Tarantino Rewatch Project continues this month, with our look back at his third film - ‘Jackie Brown’. JB holds a rather unique place in the QT canon. Unlike all his other films, we’re dealing with an adaptation, of Elmore Leonard’s ‘Rum Punch’. We’re additionally seeing a softening of some of the elements that we might traditionally associate with a Tarantino movie, as established in his two prior films.

It’s also the first time that old QT was to release a film that, whilst certainly successful, didn’t achieve anywhere near a comparable amount of cultural impact as his prior efforts - and which then marked a significant gap between releases from him, with it being six years until ‘Kill Bill vol. 1’ hit cinemas, in 2003. With all these factors in play, what do we make of the film after not seeing it for a whole number of years?

There’s only one way to find out!