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All of Whine and Space

Dec 3, 2017

Have YOU ever wondered what rebellions are built on?

Well, it’s time to find out - as WHINE+SPACE prepare for the (holy hell it’s christmas) imminent release of ‘The Last Jedi’ with 2016’s Star Wars offering, the first in a possibly long line of anthology entries, it’s STAR WARS NUMBER EIGHT THE ROGUE ONES!

Originally pitched by everyone’s favourite photoshop creator John Knoll and somewhat directed by Gareth Edwards, ‘Rogue One’ had a rather tumultuous road to the screen, with extensive and expensive reshoots conducted around six months before its release. Would the first Star Wars anthology film fall straight out of the gate? Would the optimism of fans fresh off of ‘The Force Awakens’ be quashed? Would Kathleen Kennedy develop a taste for blood?

There’s only one way to find out!